Video Testimonials

Are you someone who is working very hard to achieve something and miss out by a cutting edge? Do you feel that you have everything it takes to get promoted but don’t understand why you did not make it? Then you are at the right place. Whatever is your career struggle, this team can fix it.

Reflecting similar feelings, I took the EQ assessment with Keystone Coaching online and it has been a turning point in my career. Following my EQ assessment, I received a detailed report on my strengths and weaknesses in multiple categories, that I never would have figured out on my own. The report also provided proven methods and strategies that helped me convert my shortcomings into strengths. Throughout this process, I had constant support from the team with whom, I was able to discuss my hurdles. If you can trust the team and the process, nothing can come between you and your aspirations! Thank you, Keystone Coaching Online! To whoever is reading this review, I highly recommend investing in this learning process.

Shenoy P

“There is neither sufficient time, nor characters to accurately describe what an exemplary human being Harry is. This recommendation is just a summary of his more notable traits and by no means adequately justifies what a brilliant man he really is. I have known and worked with Harry for the past three years and I can say confidently, I have never met anyone even remotely like him. He has been an indispensable asset to MCI and was a major protagonist, contributing to MCI’s growth and subsequent expansion over the years. Harry’s tenacity, worth ethic, unwavering determination and dedication to his clients is always second to none. This, in conjunction to his wealth of knowledge and experience has been instrumental to his success. Over the years, Harry has become an exceptional friend, my personal mentor and crony. He has never let me down and has always been someone I can confide in unconditionally. In any scenario, if you’re looking for someone to get the job done, Harry is not your man. However, if you’re looking for someone to get the job done right AND exceed your expectations EVERY SINGLE TIME. Look no further.”

K Naderi
Associate Director – International Recruitment

“I had the pleasure of being a client of Raj. In my early years of my career I got the pleasure of being trained and developed by Raj. Over the years we have kept in touch and even at times I have asked for advice from him on certain situations. I believe he does very well within the learning and development area and I would recommend him to any employer that is looking for a consultant, trainer and developer. I wish him the very best in his future endeavours and I know that whomever he may work for he will excel in his ventures.”

Shalveen Kumar
Senior Productivity Analyst – Workforce Management

“Rita Morar made this branch banking an experience well beyond simply walking away from the bank satisfied. The difference that can be made when for no reason other than absolute brand loyalty, not by the customer in this case, by the employee imparting care, enthusiasm and infectious energy about the future, the bank and the process absolutely effortless. Rita can deliver a decidedly precise result whilst holding a smile and generously sharing invaluable banking information.
Rita not only knew the products, systems and procedures but knew to address the customer with care and sincerity.
Rita quite comfortably turned a delicate topic into a positive insightful discussion and set a percussion for the steps to take for a young family to make smart financial decisions, not once wavering her represented brand. A simple and fun experience yet informative and complete. The semantic chicken and egg; how does a bank garner such infectious brand loyalty from its employees? How often do you see employees empowering their employer, their bank, by delighting its customers?
The perfect symbiotic relationship seems to be the only obvious answer. Great leadership brings great success and invariably a successful brand. Great employees will always make leaders successful.”

Ryan Hendriks
Principal Solutions Architect

I would like to record my appreciation of your excellent business coaching over the last few months. I have found your understanding of my ‘business problem’ refreshing and the strategies we have developed together, I believe, will give my business renewed purpose and direction.

On a more personal note, the ability to simply share my concerns with a business minded peer has given me more peace of mind!

You and your team have invested very heavily in me and I sincerely hope to be able to return the favour.
The insights of the 2 Personal profiles you gave me to complete were truly amazing, It’s possible that if I had done them 40 years earlier I would be in a completely different role than I am currently in.

Anyone wishing to hire an executive should consider using Harry and his teams expertise, it’s 2nd to none!
Thank you Harry

Jeff Harper
Cartridge World

We are a small but rapidly growing business in the building and construction sector in NSW.

The strong growth trajectory was exerting pressure on the leadership capabilities of the senior team who had each come to their role with widely differing social and educational backgrounds, supervisory experience, exposure to learning and soft management skills.

| approached Keystone Coaching to assist with the introduction of leadership development program.
The program was comprised essentially of three components being an evaluation of each individual’s behavioural profile and motivation, personal de-briefing and coaching to assist each person to build a personal development plan, and finally team workshops on change management, emotional intelligence, teamwork and communication. The Keystone team’s deep experience in learning and development, coupled with their access to cutting edge tools and a great passion for real improvement against their client’s objectives, underpinned the success of the program.
I cannot speak highly enough of Keystone Coaching’s drive, commitment and focus on success.

The program has been extremely successful with each and every participant improving their personal leadership skills and contribution to their job and responsibilities through to our business performance.

Alan McLaughlin
General Manager, RTP

Thank you for your work.
It is with fond memories that we met at the Novotel Norwest. At that time, I had doubled my staff and was not sure that the team personalities and dynamics would be combined into a dynamic and synergistic group. The other concern I had; “did I know how to best communicate and approach the individuals and the team combined”?

Raj showed me the different personality types, EQ values and motivating factors that drive each staff member and myself. This was a very big revelation, and I was able to identify each person’s strength and weakness. Thus, allowing me to avoid a few potholes immediately and improve the way I communicate with my staff.

My staff have also been trained with regards to their own personality and communication style as well as the rest of the team’s. This has resulted in a greater quality of communication and improved the general atmosphere in the office. It has also made my life easier as things are happening a lot smoother, staff morale is very high, and they all seem to be a lot more engaged with work and finding solutions to the daily business challenges.

I have also been extending the staff training with Raj. As to bring up all our staff knowledge and experience to a higher level. This also addresses their need for self-improvement and advancement, they seem to appreciate it more than small pay increases (CPI index). They are a lot happier; teamwork and mutual assistance have increased significantly.

I am very grateful for Raj’s and team’s patience, professionalism and showing me how to be a better leader, listener, and communicator, not to mention increased sales and quicker turnaround times.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Raj and team.

Rene M
CEO Property Investment Company

“I was recently made redundant due to Covid. I was left stressed and overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety. I felt helpless, deflated and worst yet, unmotivated. I needed to find my motivation again and more importantly, establish what ‘really motivates me’, so that I can choose the right type of career path to get back on track.
A friend referred me to the Motivational Maps Assessment Tool, offered by Keystonecoaching.online.

After undertaking the Motivational Maps Assessment Tool and getting my one-on-one debrief coaching session on my report, I instantly felt a sense of clarity and purpose and realised what really motivates me. My purpose became clear again, I was excited again, knowing exactly what I want to do. All these dormant feelings I had, once taken for granted, were now active and fuelling me to push harder in the right direction.

The Motivational Maps Assessment Tool helped me to understand my motivational drivers better and gave me meaningful insight that allowed me to take appropriate action.
If these feelings of lack of clarity and purpose, helplessness, and demotivation sound all too familiar, it might be time you tried something different too!”

Associate director – International Recruitment