Rene M-CEO Property Investment Company

Thank you for your work.
It is with fond memories that we met at the Novotel Norwest. At that time, I had doubled my staff and was not sure that the team personalities and dynamics would be combined into a dynamic and synergistic group. The other concern I had; “did I know how to best communicate and approach the individuals and the team combined”?

Raj showed me the different personality types, EQ values and motivating factors that drive each staff member and myself. This was a very big revelation, and I was able to identify each person’s strength and weakness. Thus, allowing me to avoid a few potholes immediately and improve the way I communicate with my staff.

My staff have also been trained with regards to their own personality and communication style as well as the rest of the team’s. This has resulted in a greater quality of communication and improved the general atmosphere in the office. It has also made my life easier as things are happening a lot smoother, staff morale is very high, and they all seem to be a lot more engaged with work and finding solutions to the daily business challenges.

I have also been extending the staff training with Raj. As to bring up all our staff knowledge and experience to a higher level. This also addresses their need for self-improvement and advancement, they seem to appreciate it more than small pay increases (CPI index). They are a lot happier; teamwork and mutual assistance have increased significantly.

I am very grateful for Raj’s and team’s patience, professionalism and showing me how to be a better leader, listener, and communicator, not to mention increased sales and quicker turnaround times.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Raj and team.