Kamal -Associate director – International Recruitment

“I was recently made redundant due to Covid. I was left stressed and overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety. I felt helpless, deflated and worst yet, unmotivated. I needed to find my motivation again and more importantly, establish what ‘really motivates me’, so that I can choose the right type of career path to get back on track.
A friend referred me to the Motivational Maps Assessment Tool, offered by Keystonecoaching.online.

After undertaking the Motivational Maps Assessment Tool and getting my one-on-one debrief coaching session on my report, I instantly felt a sense of clarity and purpose and realised what really motivates me. My purpose became clear again, I was excited again, knowing exactly what I want to do. All these dormant feelings I had, once taken for granted, were now active and fuelling me to push harder in the right direction.

The Motivational Maps Assessment Tool helped me to understand my motivational drivers better and gave me meaningful insight that allowed me to take appropriate action.
If these feelings of lack of clarity and purpose, helplessness, and demotivation sound all too familiar, it might be time you tried something different too!”