Unleashing the 7 Keys to Self-Mastery


This Program is for you if you are asking yourself:

  1. WHAT do I really want from my life and career? Is it abundance, building stronger relationships; a better quality of life; career progression, doing the things I love?
  2. WHY am I living a life of quiet desperation, where my emotional pendulum swings between extremes of elation and despair? Why do I have to continuously be reactive and contend with the day-to-day Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (V.U.C.A.) of life?
  3. HOW do I really know what motivates me? What am I Passionate about? What drives me to get up each morning, energised to do the things I do?
  4. This program is for you if you are at the crossroads in your personal and professional life and are:
    • Looking for Clarity, and Direction in life and career
    • In need of Motivation, Purpose, and Vision to navigate through the next chapter of your life
    • In search of clearly identifying what you are Passionate about

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The Program consists of 6 Modules.
MODULE ONE: Identifying Your Starting Point
In this Module, you will discover the “eight cylinders that make-up your engine” and also identify your current position at the start of your journey. These “eight cylinders” are the eight areas of your life and have a profound impact on your life, and which collectively contribute to living a balanced life. We use this technique to identify your starting point.
A key aspect of this Module and the entire Program, is the completion of a self-perception tool, called a Motivational Map. This ISO accredited tool is fundamental to identifying your starting point and what really motivates you into action.
Using the Crossroads Model, we help you to:
I. Where do you come from?
II. What is really important to you?
III. Which people are really important to you and why?
IV. Identify what is hindering you?
V. What are you afraid of?

MODULE TWO: Overcoming Your Barriers
In this Module, you will be able to discover over 80% of the constraints that are holding you back and the steps you need to take to overcome them.
We discuss the Great Law and how your outer world ultimately becomes a reflection of your inner world and mirrors back to you what you think about … most of the time!
We show you how, through the Theory of Constraints, 80% of your own habits, beliefs, attitudes, opinions, and skills (or lack thereof), are holding you back and how you can overcome them.
Our practical exercises using “10-steps to build your Self-Image” will help you to overcome self-limiting beliefs.

MODULE THREE: Changing Your Self-Perception
After completing this Module, you will have a good understanding of how you see yourself (self-concept), in terms of your self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth. We discuss the factors that may influence your self-perception and how these impact on you.
This engaging Module includes practical activities and an action plan that will help you to identify your self-perception and make the necessary changes to take charge of your life.

MODULE FOUR: Knowing Your Motivators
In this Module, we discuss the 3 components of Motivation, why it is important, how to motivate yourself, and how to stay motivated.
You use your personal Motivational map results to set clear goals and the direction you intend following to achieve success in life and career.

MODULE 5: Developing Your Personal S.W.O.T.
The acronym, S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), is a timeless strategy used by individuals and businesses to reveal both, from an internal and external perspective, areas of resilience and vulnerability.
In this practical Module, you will learn how to develop your own personal S.W.O.T. analysis. This will help you to implement actionable steps (Action Plan) to overcome weaknesses and nullify threats that are blocking you from progressing in your career.
Included in this Module are the steps you can begin to take to set up SMART Goals, which is a great segue to the final Module on Implementing Your Personal Strategic Plan.

MODULE 6: Creating Your Personal Strategic Plan
In this Module we recap on your responses in Module One, and which of the eight areas in your Wheel of life are most important to you. We revisit your Primary Motivators, your personal S.W.O.T. and Action Plan.
A Personal Strategic Plan is a clear plan for achieving your goals. We show you the process of creating your own plan, that will help you define what success means to you.
Included in the Program is a step -by- step, Personal Strategic Plan template, which you can continue using in the future.
Collectively, all this information forms the basis on how you will learn to increase the return on all the mental, physical and emotional energies you have to invest, so that you can achieve the highest possible return on investment in your career and to achieve happiness in life.
At the end of this Module, you will feel empowered, refocused, re-energised, and regain a feeling of being in control of your life and successfully implement strategies by acting.

I. 6 – Zoom sessions, delivered over 6-weeks, each of 2-hours duration, PLUS
II. 1 – “Live” Zoom session on Group debrief on the Motivational Map report, (Week 7), PLUS
III. 1 – “Live” Zoom session on group debrief on the Emotional Quotient Report, (Week 8), PLUS,
IV. Each participant gets a BONUS 1:1 coaching session (1-hour each) with one of our expert coaches.
You also Get:
V. Fillable Workbook
VI. Program slides in pdf
VII. BONUS 1: Free Motivational Map
VIII. BONUS 2: Free Emotional Quotient Survey
IX. eCertificate on completion of the Program