About Us

We are a dynamic team of individuals, bringing our respective skillsets, expertise, and experience to help executives, middle and senior managers, individuals seeking career change, graduates, and jobseekers, to find clarity and purpose in their lives, and become the best version of themselves.

We requested Yang, one of our high-achieving client’s, to share her story, and this will give you more insight about our team and what drives us every day.

Before we get to Yang’s story, let’s focus a bit on you.

Are you:

Hey, you’re not alone!

Many of us can relate to this, especially in the current environment we’re living in.

The time for a reset can happen at any time. Sometimes you are forced into it and at other times, you just got to make it happen for your own sake!

Maybe you are at that stage now…trying to take charge of your life, like our client Yang below.

It’s All About You…Taking Charge

You know, you are far more capable, competent, and powerful than you imagine. You know you have within you, right now, the ability to vastly exceed all your previous levels of accomplishment. You also know you can take complete charge of your life, in every area, and directing your future in any way that you deem desirable or necessary.

There are no limits on what you can achieve with your life, except the limits you’ve put in your own mind, and falsely believe in them.

“Deep down I wasn’t happy, and I couldn’t work out WHY!”



“My name is Yang; I am a single mum with two kids and worked in various corporate roles for 27 years, including senior roles. I loved my last role, my boss, colleagues, and my company. That is, until one day without any warning I was told due to a company takeover, my role was being made redundant.

I spent my whole life striving to be at my best, and it still wasn’t enough

As you can image, I felt numb and shocked. Why me!? What did I do wrong? How could this happen? What job will I do next? What skills will I need? What’s going to happen to my kid’s future? As you can image a thousand thoughts running in my mind.

I tried very hard to not show my stress to my kids. I called my best friend who is a marketing manager and told her my story. A few days later, she invited me to join her to a business networking event, hopeful of finding a lead or contact.

Why building trusting relationships is important

I went along to the networking event, where my friend introduced me to some people in her network.

Later that night, she introduced me to the team from Keystone, whom she had known for some time. They had previously helped her husband with starting up his business. I briefly shared about what happened with my job and how this has impacted me and that I’m lost as to what I need to do next. They sensed my desperation, my anxiety, my lack of clarity and direction.

One of them said: “Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots”.

That quote struck a chord with me, I can say this intro was meant to be!

I can confidently say, today, I am well on my journey to success. It’s never easy! But it is good to know that nobody has to reinvent the wheel. Take the advice and guidance from a good coach. I’ve learned more about myself, my real passion, what motivates me and more, which I never knew before. Keystone have helped me to ‘Reset my life’.

Today, I own my own bookkeeping practice, helping small businesses to grow and scale their business

Like me, you deserve to be happy!