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Personal and Professional development gives you an opportunity to assess your skills and qualities, consider your personal motivations and aspirations in life, and set goals to maximise your potential. By investing in your personal and professional development, you proactively bring your goals to life, giving you a sense of self-worth, self-awareness, and direction, to become the best version of yourself. 

Coaching and mentoring will help you to build positive and tangible change, by unlocking your potential to maximise your own performance.

Self-Mastery Program …

Unleashing the 7 Keys to Self-Mastery

If you are at the crossroads in your personal and professional life and are Looking for Clarity, and Direction in life and career, In need of Motivation, Purpose, and Vision to navigate through the next chapter of your life and in search of clearly identifying what you are Passionate about, then this is the program for you.


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The typical types of clients we help every day.

After a 30-minutes consult with Alan, a manager, he decided to complete an Emotional Intelligence assessment and took up our Tolerance, Empathy and understanding course, so he could better understand his colleagues’ challenges, collaborate better with them, and find solutions that would bring about an improvement in their individual and team performance.

We all can do more, to better ourselves and grow. Most times, it’s finding clarity and purpose in life. That’s what Jo, Mary, and Shaun recently tried finding out, by completing their Motivational Map and took up individual mentoring sessions with us, so that they could clearly understand their primary motivators and use that to set up a roadmap to achieve much more with purpose and intent.
At a recent online workshop on the topic of fears and why people procrastinate, Chris, Margaret, Peter, and Carey took up our course on Procrastination. Margaret and Carey have since started their own businesses.
James recently took up our offer of a free 30-minutes consult to discuss his stress and anxiety at work. He is considering some of the options we’ve suggested to him.
Sometimes, we never consider our own feelings, or compliment ourselves for achieving our goals or a job well-done, no-matter how small or big. The more we question our ‘Why” in life, in most cases, it ultimately comes down to the fact that we all want to be happy. Doris saw our Happiness program on our website and decided to take up this course. So that she could learn how to be happy, to appreciate herself more, to be proud of who she is, and that she is unique in her own right.
We recently consulted to Paul and Sue (partners). They needed to know how to go about doing their business and strategic plans, personal S.W.O.T. and ongoing coaching for six months. They are currently signing their lease and hope to begin trading soon.
Wayne is the CEO of a Financial Services practice with 25 staff. We recently consulted to Wayne and his Office manager over a period of four week. They are currently considering our proposal to complete a DISC plus Motivations assessment for the entire team, including Wayne, and then follow up with a targeted and customised training program to be delivered fortnightly over six months.